Copy and answer! ☺️👍

1. Last kiss (3 days ago)
2. Last phone call (my best friend)
3. Last text message (from my boyfriend)
4. Last song you listened to (Fancy-Iggy)
5. Last time you cried (4 days ago)
6. Dated someone twice (yes)
7. Been cheated on (yes)
8. Self harmed (guess so)
9. Lost someone special (yes)
10. Been depressed (yes)
11. Been drunk and threw up (no)
12. had sex (yes)
13. How many people have you had sex with this year? (1)
15. Made a new friend (no)
17. Laughed until you cried (yes)
18. Met someone who changed you (yes)
19. Found out who your true friends were (yes!)
20. Found out someone was talking about you (yes!)
26. What did you do for your last Birthday (nothing)
27. What time did you wake up today (9:30 am)
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for (when i’m done with school and out of town)
30. Last time you saw your all of your siblings at the same time (last year christmas)
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life (not beeing hated from girls in school)
32. What are you listening to right now (nothing)
33. When is the last time you had sex? (3 days ago)
34. Who’s getting on your nerves right now (girls in school)
35. Most visited webpage (guess it’s google)
36. Favorite colour (white/green)
37. Nicknames (Bille/Schnecko/Sybbiy/Sylle)
38. Relationship Status (gotta relationship)
39. Zodiac sign (aries)
40. Male or female (female)
41. Primary school (no)
42. Secondary School (no)
43. High school/college (yes)
44. Eye color (green, blue)
46. Height (1,80 m/ 5ft10)
47. Do you have a crush on someone (oum yeah my boyfriend)
48. What do you like about yourself (that i’m tall, eyes, boobs)
49. Piercings (no)
50. Tattoos (no)
51. Righty or lefty (righty)
53. First piercing (-)
54. First best friend (kindergarden)
55. First hookup (last years summer)
56. First real Bestfriend (3 years ago)
59. Eating (no)
60. Drinking (no)
61. I’m about to (get a haircut)
62. Listening to (-)
63. Waiting for (my turn to get a haircut)
64. Want kids? (Yes 2-3)
65. Get married? (Sure!)
66. Career (yes, problem kids)
67. Lips or eyes (eyes)
68. Hugs or kisses (hugs)
69. Shorter or taller (taller)
70. Older or Younger (older)
71. Romantic or spontaneous (it can be both, romantic)
72. Nice stomach or nice arms (stomach!)
73. Sensitive or loud (sensitive)
74. Hook-up or relationship (relationship)
76. Kissed a stranger (yes)
77. Drank hard liquor (yes)
78. Lost glasses/contacts (yes)
79. Had sex (yes)
80. Broken someone’s heart (yes)
82. Been arrested (no)
83. Turned someone down (yes)
84. Cried when someone died (yes)
85. Fallen for a friend (no)
86. Yourself (sometimes)
87. Miracles (yes)
88. Love at first sight (no)
89. Heaven (yes)
90. Santa Clause (no)
91. Kiss on the first date (no)
92. Angels (yes)
93. How would you label yourself? (Unknown/Strong)
94. Someone You Pray Everyday For (my family/boyfriend/bestfriend)
95. Did you sing today (no)
96. Who From All Your Ex’s have You Cared The Most About (my re-boyfriend)
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? (1 year to change a kiss i had with someone in a relationship)
98. Out Of Everything In The World What Do You Wish For (that i can finaly leave my hometown)
99. Are you afraid of falling in love? (Yes)
100. Do you like the way you look? (Sometimes)